How to plan a trip yourself, not miss anything and get the benefits?

Nowadays, fewer and fewer people are using travel agencies, but instead trying to plan their own vacations. Do you also want more options? Do you dream about a true adventure, but also want to save money at the same time? Then you should start planning with our guide!

Learn about the most popular booking services, convenient ticket searches, and how you can save a lot of money with cashback programs.

Ticket search

Experienced travelers are advised to start planning a trip approximately 4-5 months before the expected dates of travel. The biggest expenses are tickets and accommodations. This is why it is best to decide in advance where you will go. This does depend on your overall budget for the trip.

Have you chosen a destination? Now check the offers on ticket sites. Remember that the cheapest airline tickets are on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. Since it is more beneficial to buy with a cashback option, try to book with Aviasales, Hotwire, Jetradar or Qatar Airways through the service

Where to stay

Should you stay in a hotel, guest house, or hostel? It is better to know in advance, so you already know how much of your budget will be devoted to your accommodation. This will help to correctly allocate costs and, like with tickets, get cashback (for example, on when booking through

You should devote a decent amount of time to finding where you will spend the night (or longer), but also on comparing prices of similar options. It will be easier to use special portal websites, for comparisons, since they will also consider all discounts or recommend more suitable dates. Obviously, prices may vary depending on the day of the week or month. Desperate travelers can always resort to the fashionable new way to stay — CouchSurfing!

Insurance Registration

Usually you must submit proof of insurance in order to obtain a visa, so without it, it can be nearly impossible to get the visa. Even if you go to a visa-free country, it is still worth buying insurance.

Without the insurance, expensive medical care abroad can become even more expensive for the tourists, so do not test fate. You shouldn’t think that it is a waste of money because it is about your safety. In addition, you can also save on insurance if you buy it, for example, using the cashback service.

Things to do

When all of the logistical issues are solved, you can actually figure out what you want to do while traveling. Probably, this is the reason you want to go somewhere. You can make a list of where to go, what to see, where to take a walk, and even what cafes and restaurants you want to go to. To avoid missing anything interesting and to not waste time, ask experienced travelers for advice and check out the ratings of popular places on special sites.

What else should you take care of in advance? First, how will you communicate with locals? Maybe it is worth learning the language or just getting a phrase book? Secondly, will you have enough money for your trip, or will you need some additional funds or credit? Third, think about your phone service. Can you convert your current plan for abroad or will it be better to switch to a local provider?

Remember that you can save on all of this if you buy goods and services through special services. That is the point of cashback — companies pay a commission to the buyer to bring them their services. And the service, earns a new customer and accrues a profit!

If you do not have to hurry, it is good to plan your trip, study all the offers, and know where to make the necessary purchases. This way, you can not only organize an unforgettable trip for yourself, but also earn a significant money back with cashback. Enjoy your rest!