What is Cashback?

Cashback (from the English «cashback» — a refund of cash). And this is the essence of the system. The buyer is returned part of the money spent on the purchase of goods or services. And we are not talking about abstract bonuses, but about real money. How to get a cashback and why is it beneficial?

Methods for obtaining a cashback
How to receive cashback on purchases made? There are several ways:

  • Directly. Some online stores simply return a percentage of the purchase price to their customers. Sometimes, this amount can be spent only in the same store, but more often, it’s real money, which the buyer receives to an account.
  • Through payment cards. By having such a card, you can guarantee yourself a partial refund by using this card in stores.
  • Cashback services. This is the most convenient and beneficial option. Such web portals cooperate not just with one or two shops, but with several hundred. All you need to do is register on the site of the service, choose the store you like, make an online purchase as usual and get cashback. Over the past decade, this system of return has become very popular.

One of the biggest cashback services is baack.com. This web portal offers users the most favorable terms and the highest percentage of cashback. More than 250 different stores participate, where you can buy almost anything — from household chemicals to air tickets.
Why is it beneficial for everyone?
Many people think that cashback is something like an ordinary discount. However, it is not. This is a special program that provides refunds only after payment is made. However, the amount that the buyer will receive is known in advance — this is a fixed percentage, not dependent on the group of goods.

While it may not be clear how cash back exactly works (the minor details), it is still a beneficial system for all parties of the transaction:
The buyer. This is easy. The client saves money, receiving a percentage (and rather large) of the amount spent. This money can be withdrawn in any convenient way: through an electronic wallet, to a bank account or to a card.
Stores. What do shops want? They want to get as many customers as possible. And they are willing to pay for that. Stores have found it is more effective to offer cashback than to advertise. Offering real money instead of offering discounts (on products the customer may not be interested in) guarantees interest for the store.
The fund return service. Baack.com receives a commission, concluding contracts with stores and leading already interested customers to buy with their services.
If you understand, the plan is clear and simple. There is no trick here, and if you follow the rules, you can save a serious amount. And in some cases, even earn cashback.

How to use the service correctly?

Anyone who knows how to work with cashback, can earn a refund on part of the money spent on purchases. First of all, you need to register on the web portal. This procedure is fast, and should not be difficult. What to do next?

Install the plugin. This is the easiest way to guarantee yourself cashback and to not forget to register it before making a purchase. If you have already paid for the goods, but forgot to issue a cashback, you will not be able to receive a refund. That’s why it is better to install the plug-in. It will track the delivery, remind you of promotions in selected stores, etc..

Choose a store and make a purchase. In the offered list, everyone can find something to their liking. This and good cashback-services makes the choice of shops is huge. After making a purchase, the amount of cashback immediately appears in your account.
Confirm receipt of goods. Only after you have received the goods, will it be possible to get the refund. The minimum amount of funds necessary for a withdrawal on Baack.com is 5$, not very high, in comparison with other services.
Withdraw money. As we have already said, this can be done in any convenient way.

That’s all! With these tips, you will definitely figure out how to get cashback. And if there are any questions, you can find answers to them the service site for baack.com.